Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Today was a big day in the McCulloch household. Katie began her first day as a preschooler. Adam and I had been talking about preschool for several months when we were becoming more aware that Katie's need for activity and busyness was exceeding my ability to provide opportunities (especially since Caroline's naps are still somewhat unpredictable in terms of length). Because Katie is such a social butterfly and so intense when it comes to living life and has thrived being in a classroom setting during Sunday School, Adam began looking more seriously at preschools in the area. By God's grace, even though we were late in beginning our search, St. Matthews Baptist had one opening left for this semester in her age level. So...for three hours a day, three days a week Katie will be enjoying snacks, playground/gym time, storytime, daily crafts, new friends, and all the other sweet activities found in preschool. Visiting SMBC preschool on Monday was fun for me...I was instantly transported back to my preschool years and was filled with warm, happy memories. There has been not one moment of fear or hesitation on Katie's part--just pure, unadulterated excitement. Her first words this morning were, "Today I'm going to preschool!!!!" When I peeked in her classroom on my way out the door, I saw her hands covered in fingerpaint, and I knew that she was in heaven. Her teacher poked her head out the door when she saw me and said, "Katie acts like she's been here all year! She's already been playing with the girls, who all love her because she's the 'new girl'." Music to a mother's ears!

Pray that God would use this new realm of Katie's life to draw her closer to Him and to teach her how to better love, respect, and cherish others. Pray that I would be a good steward of these 9 extra hours I now have and that God would give grace to our family as we acclimate to a new rhythm of life. And pray for little Caroline who will be in the car at least an hour a day now (15 minutes there and back, twice a day). We are so thankful for this opportunity!