Friday, January 18, 2008

Katie's new bed!

I've been stalking Craiglist for several months, looking for a twin bed and box springs. A couple weeks ago I found a great deal on a Captains bed that I couldn't pass up. We went to pick it up on a Friday but weren't planning on transitioning Katie to it until the next week or so. Well, the first night, she wouldn't go to sleep in her crib until 10pm. The second night was looking like it was going to end up the same, so I asked her, "Do you want to sleep in your new bed?" She said that she did, so we put her in it and she slept there the whole night and hasn't turned back!
Here's a video and some pictures of Katie and her new big girl room:

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Knowing God

The minds of two year olds amaze me. They can seemingly learn and understand anything! I've been very challenged lately in my parenting to take advantage of Katie's innate curiosity and "spongelike" mind. What an opportunity we have as parents to pour as much truth and knowledge into her as we can at this young age--whether it be shapes, colors, numbers, countries, states, or presidents (thanks to our Wal-mart placemats), basic Bible storylines (Zaccheus and Jonah are her favorites at the moment) or deep spiritual truths like God knows everything, Jesus died for me and He loves us even more than mommy and daddy do.

Tonight, however, I was reminded afresh, not only of the opportunity toddlerhood provides, but also the responsibility I have to make the most of my time as Katie's mother. As I was brushing her teeth tonight she asked me, "Where'd Jesus go, Mommy?" (Her question of the moment is "Where'd fill-in-the-blank go?") I explained to her that Jesus used to be here on earth but that now He was with God in heaven. Katie then looked up at me and said, "I don't know Jesus, Mommy. I don't know Jesus." She continued to say that about 10 more times and then began saying, "I don't know God, Mommy." I asked her, "Katie, do you want to know Jesus?" And shaking her heading furiously, she said, "Noooo."

Now I completely understand that she probably did not intend for me to take these statements in the way that I interpreted them. She probably meant to say, "I don't know where Jesus is" in answer to her own question. But the Lord nevertheless used her to get my attention. My child does not know Jesus. If left to herself, the inclination of her heart (just like the inclination of all our hearts apart from the Spirit's gracious work) is not to want to know Him. And so tonight, in my child's own simple, unknowing way, I was reminded of the sober responsibility I have as a Christian parent--to pray, teach, speak, love, serve, and live in such a way as to make adorn the doctrine of God in the eyes of my child.

As you read this, please pray for Katie and for us--that God would one day enlighten the eyes of her heart and grant her the knowledge of God and that we would be faithful to teach her and train her and hold out to her the glorious good news that can save her. Pray the same thing for any children you know and their parents as well. And while you're at it, if you're a Christian, thank God for His gracious and merciful act of revealing Himself to you and shedding light into your darkened understanding. And as you give thanks, may your heart be broken with sadness over those who have not tasted and seen that the Lord is good and are content to walk in darkness. And if you're not a Christian, ask yourself, "Am I like Katie?" Do you say in your heart, "I don't know Jesus"? Do you want to know Him?

Even as I write this Katie is singing herself to sleep. What a precious little voice she has. And you know what song she's singing? "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so." Amen, Katie, amen.