Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dancing, Cake, Bubbles and Princesses

A few weekends ago we drove to Augusta, GA to attend the wedding of a good friend of ours we had met in China. It was an awesome weekend, a refreshing time of fellowship with friends, both new and old.

It was Katie, however, who may have enjoyed the weekend the most. In the midst of tough circumstances (late nights, no naps, fast food meals), she had the time of the her life. The weekend was filled with all of her favorite things--dancing, cake, bubbles and princesses (in her mind, brides and bridesmaids are the close kin of princesses).

Here are some of the best shots from the weekend:

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Thanks to all of you who voted in the Brohm vs. Isaacs poll. A whopping 12 readers contributed and the results of this completely scientific and highly accurate poll revealed that the Heavy Hitter is more famous than QB Brohm in the 'Ville. That may soon be changing as Brohm was recently drafted to be a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. Darryl Isaacs celebrity may fade if Brohm becomes the next Brett Favre. Only time will tell......

I must share, however, one final celebrity encounter that occurred just today as Adam and I were trying out a new restaurant that just opened near us. Once again, we dined right next to none other than Brian Brohm during Sunday lunch. A fitting end to this debate.

Because I was recently rebuked for depriving my readership of Katie photos and videos, I plan on several posts this week that will chronicle some of our recent adventures. In other words, come back often this week to see lots of Katie.

For now, here are some pictures we took last night at our impromptu cook-out. One of my best friends from college was here for the weekend and got to join us for the occassion! The event was actually inspired by Katie, who earlier this week pretended to roast marshmallows over a stump when we were outside playing one evening. She took her cues from one of her favorite books of late, Curious George Goes Camping. Clearly, she enjoyed this campfire delicacy:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who's more famous in the 'Ville?

This post will make no sense for any non-Louisvillean readers out there, but I simply had to blog about a recent debate that took place in the McCulloch home that we need YOUR help to resolve:

Who is more famous in Louisville--Brian Brohm or Darryl Isaacs (aka the Heavy Hitter)?

The debate was inspired by an amazing week in which I had, not one, but TWO close encounters with Louisville celebrities.

The first occurred as I was leaving the St. Matthews Target on a snowy day. As I was returning my cart to the cart corral and suiting Katie up for the wintry weather, in comes a man dressed in casual clothes (but the kind of casual clothes that look expensive). He was rather short, and as soon as our eyes met and I paused in recognition, he flashed me this smiling look that said, "Yeah, it's me." ("dial 458-1000") (don't act like you don't know the tune).

Then just a few days later, a group of us were having lunch at Quizno's after church, and who sat right behind us but Brian Brohm! (And then I found $5....) (a shoutout to my Davidson readers)

So, here's the deal. To all my Louisville readers, please vote using the poll on my blog and then leave a comment explaining your choice.