Monday, April 26, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience
I've been considering joining this Gratitude Community for some time. This morning, I'm diving in:
1. Four days alone with my husband...
2. San Francisco!
3. Good friends who love and care well for our children (for free)
4. God's grace that caused our children to eat well and sleep well for our friends
5. travelling mercies
6. happy reunions
7. fresh baked sour dough bread...
8. ...with peach vinegar
9. In-and-out burgers and fries
10. Ghiradelli chocolate ice cream
11. real chao mian in Chinatown
12. delicious food in Haight-Ashbury
13. Helpful bus drivers and native San Franciscans
14. Sausalito
15. biking across the Golden Gate Bridge
16. the sound sea lions make
17. a Boxcar Children book about SF to help 4 year olds understand where we went
18. Giving souvenirs to 4 year olds, who like the airplane peanuts best of all
19. Remembering the anticipation of getting airplane peanuts from my dad when he would go on a trip
20. Joy from the Lord that is bigger than vacations...
21. ...and is available on the Mondays when life gets back to normal
22. A washer and dryer in which to do massive amounts of laundry
23. having plenty to keep me busy and to keep me from the despair of "an empty day"
24. an abundance of clothing (even if it's all dirty)
25. money to replenish our pantry and fridge
26. having just enough food left so I don't have to run to the grocery store right away
27. friends that clean your house in just the right ways
28. a job for my husband to go to on a Monday morning
29. the ability to enjoy joy (Ecclesiastes 2:25, 5:19)
30. a home to take care of
31. a husband who loves me in spite of my many sins and weaknesses
32. children who are very forgiving
33. clean sheets and towels
34. Walter Wangerin books

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

photo update

Sorry (grandparents) for the blogging drought. We've been too busy living life to record it! Here are some shots though from Susannah's recent visit to Louisville. You can see in the sidebar our best attempt at a family photo. I really, really wanted to get one on Easter, but as soon as we gathered everyone together Caroline started screaming! Of course. I should devote a blog post to all of our failed family photo attempts. A grandma in town can mean only one excuse to go to the Butterfly Garden Cafe! I promise we had more fun than it looks like we did in the pictures...even despite the fact that I spent most of the meal standing up with Caroline and Katie dumped her entire glass of iced raspberry tea all over herself and the floor. At least Katie looks cute in the pictures!