Monday, August 9, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience


*that I have seen so much beauty and received so much grace lately that I feel a little overwhelmed at the prospect of recounting it all
*a out-of-town membership to Lewis Ginter (thanks, Mom!)
*the Children's Garden *exuberant 4 year olds who boldly dash in and out of the spray*shy 16 month olds who gradually warm up enough boldness to reach out and let the spray hit their hand
*getting caught in a warm rain shower in the middle of it all
*laughing at the situation
*the walk back to the top through the dark green shadowy trail
*"This feels like Neverland!"
*getting sick at Grandmommy's
*camping out on the sofa and watching The Sound of Music
*4 year old decorated birthday cakes
*train rides with Grandmommy
*the Farm
*my daughters getting to spend the night in their great-great grandmother's house, great-grandmother's house, and grandmother's house in a 3-day span!
*kissin' cousins*sandboxes
*laughing hard with cousins
*catching up

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